Monday, December 08, 2008


Second Life in Coventry

My thought provoking week was rounded off by spending Friday being shown around bits of the Second Life computer world. It was a fascinating experience, half anthropological safari, half mathematical mindwarp. Coventry University are focusing some of their research into performances engaging this alternative reality and are trying to lure me in. Initially I had agreed to aid by playing the role of Arch-Sceptic however, as with many of these things, once you choose to engage with it prejudices start to soften. Slowly I started to engage with the possibilities and conundrums of the media and the project started to grow more attractive. Obviously I drew the line well before having my own Avatar created, but I sense a slippery slope ahead.


I was going to say "Resist, resist". I've seen people doing a phone-in on there, it was impressive and pointless, and the Newsnight foray was OK but that was because they really just used it for a fancy graphic and a discussion. But now that I'm thinking about it I am realising that if anyone can do it well Stan's Cafe can, and now already I'm getting curious to see what you would do...
Oh, also, do you remember this story? Ties in with the rice co2 numbers

Second life Avitars create as much co2 as a citizen of Brazil
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