Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Pina Bausch

Surely the choreographer Pina Bausch, who died today, was one of the most important artists working in any field during the last thirty years.

I defy anyone to come up with a cogent argument against this statement.

Pina Bausch has always been star by which Stan's Cafe has charted its course across the seas. Though the death of such a star is a just cause for mourn the joy of stars is that they shine so brightly and from so far away that their light continues to reach us long after they are gone. We shall continue to be guided by Pina Bausch, for us she will always be there.



Saturday, June 06, 2009


The Last Week

Monday: A small team of operatives descended on Montgomery School in Sparkbrook and had a really fun time letting teachers lose on Stop Frame Animation, Podcasting Kit, Fruit and Veg City Raw materials and inevitably, rice as people. They seemed to enjoy it all.

Tuesday: Mostly just meetings and e-mails and avoiding doing the intimidating jobs.

Wednesday: A meeting with Terry Grimley from Birmingham Post over at Warwick Arts Centre, which should lead to a piece in next Wednesday's paper. Then Craig and I polished Spy Steps up a bit. Including adding "New York, Moscow, Bejing, Coventry" under the four big clocks they have lined up in the foyer – I've got to post a picture of this at some point as Simon left demanding photographic evidence that we would carry out his last request.

Thursday: A trip to Leciester to sort out a major collaboration with a school over there. It's looking good. Much stop-frame action this term before a more significant collaboration next year.

Friday: Unpacking a shipping container, moving a seating bank, clearing up a load of stuff from the space, marking out a ludicrously ambitious Scalextric track, fit together and test the first six pieces.

Saturday: A bit obsessive drag family over to space to fit and test a few more lengths of scale. Get a text to look in the Guardian Guide where Lynn Gardner has kindly done a preview for Spy Steps and said nice things about the company along the way.

Tonight we start celebrating Craig's 40th Birthday.



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