Thursday, December 18, 2008



Here’s a good HYPOTHETICAL for the copyright lawyers to play with…

An American preacher politician is invited to do an introduction at a music festival organised by a community group and a record label. His speech is recorded and appears on a soundtrack album of the event. A Scottish band write a song, which is remixed for an album, and on the album version the producer uses samples from the speech. Then an English theatre company use the sampled text, in the same sequence and with the same timings, but without the music. How badly in trouble are the theatre company and to whom do they owe how much money?


Heh heh. Funnnnyyyyy!
Wasn't this hypothetical show also video taped?
If the venue had a music license then I would imagine your OK. I assume its the "Brothers and sisters I don't know what this world is coming to..."bit which has been widely sampled. Firstly (I think) by Public Enemy, shortly afterwards by MARRS and then...oh probably Forced Entertainment!
I noticed that Jesse Jackson's lawyers were all sitting in the front row, too.
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