Monday, September 08, 2008


Asian Network

More successful than the recent print journalism debacle was an interview with Nikki Bedi on Asian Network. She was well researched, enthusiastic and her great energy helped it all bounce along. The editor has subsequently sent over some stats about the station for the show, so it feels like a triumph all round. Lets hope some of the people listening to the show rock up to see what's going on.

The link will take you to the show's homepage. The interview is on the Monday show (which will only be on-line for a week). It's worth listening to the whole thing, but if you're pushed for time the interview starts 40 minutes in.



It was a great interview - Nikki Bedi is always like that - so pro and upbeat and smart. Made me want to get to Brum to see the rice show - a superb idea.
Thanks Suda. How far from Brum do you live? It could be worth the trip!
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