Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Love List On The Radio

A sudden burst of orders for Pieces For The Radio: Vol 1 this week suggested something had been broadcast. Prime suspect, Verity Sharp – Late Junction. Sure enough, scrolling back through her playlists we find it: Stan’s Cafe: Love List, 10th May, 23.44. Well done Verity, nice one.

We’ve had a few things played on the show before. Amanda and I were in Wolverhampton checking out the Metro prior to Space Station when I got the first tip off, out of the blue, possibly a year after I’d thrust a CD into a producer’s hand in Edinburgh. A hazy memory says it was Graeme who phoned to say he’d heard it. That moment was as thrilling as any I’ve had with Stan’s Cafe and I still get a huge kick each time something goes out. Because it's not really our field and because of the company we keep on that show and because of all the tracks they could have chosen but instead they chose ours, the satisfaction of having a piece played on the radio seems especially sweet.

The burst of sales that accompanies each broadcast is a pleasant side issue that continues to take me by surprise. It’s no great shakes in a commercial sense – half a dozen / a dozen copies – but still it seems miraculous. One play, close to midnight on Radio 3, then listener has to find out who we are, visit our website and – before our new e-shop facility – write note, a cheque, find a stamp, an envelope and put the whole ensemble in the post to a bunch of strangers. What staggering dedication, faith and commitment. How many CDs could you shift if you were played four times a day on Radio 1 with your stock stacked by the checkouts at HMV – it’s frightening.


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