Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Good Questions

Yesterday two students came up to Birmingham to ask questions about Stan’s Cafe for dissertations of various kinds. Hopefully it’s a mutually rewarding process. Some lines of questioning only require the well rehearsed answers, but usually there a angles of enquiry that make you think about what you do in a fresh way. Yesterday I was forced to think about the place of God in our work and how much of our work is Science Fiction – all good stuff.


And? What did you say?
Yes, what *did* you say?

SF is my thing, as you know: I think that *good* science fiction takes the world as we know it and explores one or two key isses. For example, Left Hand of Darkness explores gender issues by doing away with gender; A Deepness in the Sky explores belonging by contrasting relationships and perceptions between humans and aliens. I think that good SF explores what it is to be human. And to me, that's what Stan does, too.

*removes pretentious hat and slinks off to boil kettle*
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